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ABB Wireless

ABB Wireless

ABB private wireless networks are industrial strength, and can be used to build a highly reliable, secure, manageable and scalable foundation that meets the performance and capacity required for one or many applications. ABB Wireless products are used in vertical markets such as utilities, oil and gas, mining and cities.

Wireless Mesh Networks for Mission Critical Applications

ABB wireless products can coexist and management is aggregated by an enterprise-class network management platform, providing network wide visibility and simplifying operations and troubleshooting even in the harshest outdoor conditions.

All TropOS mesh routers run TropOS Mesh OS, the key to delivering high reliability, performance and scalability. It is the industry's only mesh routing software that dynamically selects end-to-end paths through the mesh network based on maximizing end-to-end throughput and minimizing latency. TropOS Mesh OS leverages each mesh router's on-board intelligence to minimize network congestion and adapt power and data rate on a real-time, packet-by-packet basis.

Customers Expect All Utilities- Electric, Gas, Water and Wastewater- To Be Available At All Times.

Key challenges shared by utilities include reliability, fast response to problems, and efficiency. Many utilities have installed smart grid systems – including two-way communications – to improve efficiency, security, reliability and resiliency.
ABB broadband wireless network solutions enable a wide range of smart grid applications for electric grids as well as significant cost savings. Learn how Wellington, Florida improved efficiency of municipality services.
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Oil & Gas Field Communication

Oil and gas field communications require reliable and resilient, high capacity wireless networks that operate over large areas under extreme environmental conditions. Ideally, wireless oil and gas communication networks deliver broadband speeds and form a scalable foundation to securely support multiple applications that increase operational efficiency and safety on one cost-effective physical infrastructure. A single network should simultaneously support a range of fixed and mobile oil and gas exploration and production applications.
ABB TropOS wireless mesh networks can be more cost-effective than upgrading existing WI-Fi networks and provide better performance and coverage. Learn how gas field communications in Oklahoma improved.
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A Communication Network Is a Fundamental Necessity in Most Modern Industrial Operations

In many industrial facilities, wired networks are difficult to install or not flexible enough to support quick process reconfiguration, making wireless an ideal choice. An industrial wireless mesh network provides customers with the flexibility to install the type of network they need, including support for remote locations and mobile equipment.
The TropOS network has proven highly reliable in regards to maintaining critical security communications. Learn how SunCor Energy applied an ABB Broadband Wireless Mesh Network to increase physical security and enabled centralized visibility.
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