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Attabox is an innovative force in the engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of thermoplastic polycarbonate enclosures by providing extremely high quality Engineered Enclosures for the industrial, solar, electrical, telecommunications, HVAC, Instrumentation/Control, government, Oil/Gas, and construction markets.

Why Polycarbonate Enclosures?

Polycarbonate is an engineered thermoplastic that is designed for extreme environments and has an impact strength greater than many metals.

With a 5VA flame rating, it has impact strength approaching 5 times that of fiberglass enclosures. Unlike fiberglass which requires a protective mask, it is easy to drill with no dusts, chipping, or cracking. Polycarbonate is an injection molded resin that allows for best in class cost and best in class performance.

Attabox's Polycarbonate enclosures are available with opaque or clear covers and include an accessory kit (contains all screws, inserts, and mounting feet).
This complete plastic fabrication enclosure solution comes in 8 sizes with custom accessories.

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