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CTI designs and manufactures advanced control, communications and I/O products for process control based on the legacy TI 505 platform.

Upgrade your Control System to the CTI's New 2500 Series

Upgrade your Simatic/TI 505 Series Bases, Power Supplies, I/O, and Remote Base Controllers to the new CTI 2500 Series products.

The CTI 2500 Series® allows customers to modernize existing controls without expensive re-wiring, reprogramming, retraining, or product line shutdowns. Upgrading a control system with modern-day replacements of old components and/or enhancing performance with new advanced function modules — all of which are backward compatible — mitigates risk during migration and allows reuse of existing application programs and hardware — reducing cost and downtime.
CTI products are:

  1. Powerful and flexible with unmatched reliability and ease of use
  2. Technical support available (Siemens has little to no support remaining for old Simatic 505 products)
  3. Compatible with previous, current and future generations of Simatic/TI 505 and CTI products ensuring transitions when upgrading components
Benefits of upgrading:

  • Upgrade to newly manufactured CTI products that use the best of today's technology, offer performance superior to the products Siemens stopped manufacturing over 10 years ago, and provide a smart path forward for modernizing your controls system at the lowest possible cost.

Smart Modernization Solution Guide

Do you have an aging control system?Smart Modernization Solution Guide
if you are operating TI/SIMATIC 505® or CTI 2500 Series® PLCs, there is no need to rip and replace your existing system.  Instead, learn more about what we at CTI call Smart Modernization™.  It allows you to continuously evolve your existing system with a series of low-risk upgrades and strategic migrations to deliver a modern, efficient, unfailingly reliable, high performing control system at a low cost with minimal risk, downtime or reprogramming.

Read the Smart Modernization Solution Guide to learn more.

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