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Longwatch provides integrated video surveillance for operational and security applications. You can use your existing fieldbus to add video surveillance and access control to your remote sites.

Video Solutions for Process and Remote Monitoring

IVC's Longwatch video management software and rugged IP cameras can integrate with SCADA applications to provide a complete picture of critical processes. Along with complete HMI integration capabilities, Longwatch provides the following unique functionality:

  • A MODBUS gateway server in every Video Engine appliance provides a bi-directional interface with the PLC or RTU at the site.
  • An OPC server in the control room to provide the same bi-directional communication to the SCADA side of the system.
  • Advanced Wonderware integration including pre-built Wonderware HMI screen sets, a pre-configured interface incorporating the Wonderware Historian Client, and HMI video windows with PTZ control functionality built in

    The Longwatch system has the unique ability to overlay process data directly onto the video image in real time. In this way, the operator can view live or recorded video while simultaneously seeing the process data values that occurred at that time such as valve positions, flow rate, pressure, temperature, etc. This process data is also recorded or burned onto the video image for recorded video playback.

    The Longwatch Console Recorder is an optional add-on component that allows the recording of operator screens over the network. Just as if a camera was pointed at the operator screen, the Console Recorder records everything that is showing on the monitor including mouse movements and the data that the operator is entering. This provides the ability to view an operator screen in real-time from your desk or go back in time to any point to see how the operator reacted to an incident.

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