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Stratus takes the complexity out of keeping business critical applications running 24/7. Stratus technologies proactively prevent instances of unplanned downtime both in the data center and at the edge.

The Risk of Data Loss Is Avoidable

Stratus solutions will help you avoid the risk of data loss with an updated automation and availability solution. They enable rapid deployment of always-on infrastructures, from enterprise servers to clouds, without any changes to your applications. With Stratus technologies you can prevent downtime before it occurs and ensure uninterrupted 24 x 7 x 365 performance of essential business operations.
With Stratus you can increase productivity and quality:

  • Operationally Simple - Standards based platform and software deployment from the datacenter to the edge, manageable by non-IT staff
  • Continuous availability - 99.99% continuous application availability without loss of data
  • Cost Effective - Prevention of downtime secures reputation, lowers cost and guarantees data integrity and compliance

Read how the Industrial sector is responding to market forces and modernizing operational technology.
Trends in Accelerating Performance Improvements - Industrial Automation Whitepaper

Continuous Availability Made Easy - The ftServer

Stratus offers quick and easy failure prevention with ftServer. Conventional technologies like clustering and virtualization-based HA do not prevent downtime, but rely on recovering from hardware or software failures. And this recovery time can vary, from minutes to hours. Only ftServer prevents the downtime of your critical business applications, ensuring continuous availability, even when your underlying hardware components fail.Key benefits:
  • No unplanned downtime: Ensure application availability despite component failures. Ride through transient errors and power spikes that would take down other x86 systems
  • No data corruption or data loss: Ensure all transactions are processed. Protect the integrity of both committed and in-flight data
  • Simplified deployment: Get instant continuous availability without having to modify your ISV applications or write failover scripts
  • Simplified management: Save time and effort with self-monitoring hardware, automated parts replacement, and customer replaceable subsystems
  • Lower total cost of ownership: Save up to 40% when you factor in acquisition, deployment, management, and unplanned downtime costs

Continuous Availability is a Must for a Winning IIoT Strategy

Stratus brings proven availability solutions that take the complexity out of availability for organizations looking to leverage IIoT. In the world of data that exists today, the necessity of analytics and the IIoT to real-time processes means that 100% availability at the edge is a must for decision making and optimal operations. Offering fault-tolerant availability, operational simplicity, and performance insights that span connected environments, Stratus ensures companies with future ready automated critical infrastructures never experience unscheduled downtime, saving millions in losses and preventing reputation damage.
One challenge to a winning IIoT strategy is the divide between OI and IT departments. Stratus offers three approaches to overcoming this challenge:
3 Approaches to Building the IT/OT Divide

Downtime Prevention Buyers Guide

Stratus Buyer's GuidePrevention of unplanned downtime is a growing concern in today’s always-on world. You know you need a way to keep critical applications up and running, but with so
many options on the market, how can you determine which availability solution is right for your organization?
Read the Downtime Prevention Buyers Guide to learn the 6 questions you should ask to help choose the right availability protection for your applications.

Updating Aging Control Systems in Water/ Wastewater

The increasing focus on drinking water quality and preservation of supply, along with concerns over the environmental impact of waste water spills, are putting increased pressure on the aging infrastructure of water and waste water utilities. Unplanned downtime remains a significant issue and the failure of SCADA systems can cause multiple issues:

Stratus Water Webinar

  • "Blindness" from the plant level to the entire district
  • Inability to control remote locations
  • Loss of data/report generation
  • Manual operation for water / waste water treatment
  • Loss in integration with reliability systems
Watch the recorded water webinar and learn how modernizing control systems can prevent incidents of downtime and reduce overall costs.


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Evolve your IIoT strategy to allow for analytics everywhere. Learn how by registering for this free Stratus Webinar on 01/17/2018: https://t.co/oQUYWQrahH

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